Home Business Launch Guide

You can find a lot of articles in the Internet how to launch your own home-based business. However,usually authors offer to resell their products or services for a small percentage. However, if your goal is financialindependence, and you would like to earn more than 10000 per month, (instead $200, reselling cosmetics ortranslating articles) this presentation for you. Forex Market is great potential earning possibilities to develop yourbusiness. There are several ways to profit from the forex business. The beauty of a forex home business is thatthe operator does not need a hefty capital outlay, does not need an office space, does not need to hire staff atthe beginning, and does not need to spend heavily on office inventory.

There are 5 ways to profit from the Forex business:

  • Actual Forex Trading
  • Selling Forex Signals
  • Forex accounts management
  • Selling Forex-related software
  • Introducing clients to Forex brokerages for a commission.

But you can combine all these 5 ways and make maximal profit. 

Home Business: Actual Forex Trading

You can trade currencies as a Forex home business. For this business, you need:

  • Open account with Forex broker
  • Find profitable fully automated trading system (Forex Robot)

Home Business: Selling Forex Signals

Once you have started trading and if your Forex robot will make a profit, I bet you that there are literallythousands of people looking for your services. All you need is an efficient way of marketing your services anddisseminating the trading signals to your clients in a timely manner for them to follow. You can charge a monthlysubscription for this service and make this a soundly profitable Forex home business venture. In other words, for Forex Signals service you need:

  • Website
  • Software for Forex signals copying ( Trade Copier)

Home Business: Forex Managed Accounts

Publishing a statement from your account on your website, you cannot only attract clients to your Forex signalsservice but also on Forex managed accounts service.
For Forex managed accounts service you need:

  • Website
  • Software for Forex signals copying

Home Business: Selling Forex-related Software
On your website, you also can promote Forex robots or other Forex-related software developed by othercompanies for affiliate commissions. 

Home Business: Introducing clients to Forex brokers

Forex Brokers will provide you with commission if you can introduce clients to them.Usually it 0.5 –1 pips from 1 standard Lot (non ECN brokers) and $5-$10 from million   –ECN brokers. You can offer trade signals to those who sign up at reduced cost to those who sign up with your referral link as anincentive. As long as those traders are trading, you will keep making money from there spreads. This is one of thebest Forex home business models that can give an individual an endless stream of cash.

Forex Related Home Business: Quick step by step guide

1. Open Forex Trading Demo or account with real money ($0-$2000). We recommend to open account withECN brokerage company like these:
Universal FX Liquid markets If broker doesn
’t support your count
ry, you can use 3d party companies for account opening.For example: FinFox Investments
2.  Sing in “introducing Broker” agreement with couple brokers.
3.  Find profitable Forex Robot ($700 -$1500)
4.  Add your account to monitoring website (free)
5.  Find Forex Copier (for Forex Signals service and managed accounts service) ($500 -$3000). You need copier for mirror trades from your account to your client’s accounts. Copier should work via internet and has small delay.
6.  Find hosting for your website and Forex Copier Software. ($30 /per month)
7.  Create website ($200  – $400)
8. Create affiliate account(s) with Forex software developers

Forex Trade Copier with no  latency, works via internet: PowerTradeCopier

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